This Is Barn in 587 Words (Not including this title.)

Hey!  You came to my site!  I’d have cleaned the place up if I knew you were coming, um, in the meantime, feel free to browse around by clicking the topics at the top of the page!  If you want to know a bit about me first, read on and take notes!

Where to start?  Living in beautiful Niagara Falls Ontario Canada, which I try to remind myself is awesome when I can.  I guess people who live by the Pyramids think the same thing.  “Oh, there it is, everyone’s watching while I drive to get milk.”  Still, that IS quite the view:

I host a little radio show called “The Barn Show” where I speak words into a microphone Monday to Friday from 6AM to 10AM on 101.1 Juice FM and from 3PM to 6pm on 105.1 2day FM, so when you’re laying there sleeping away at 4am, dream of me sitting in an studio trying to fire my synapses in the same collective direction.  Coffee helps!

This blog is all about fun observations and life happenings, but that doesn’t mean I won’t say what my brain is screaming at my mouth to release. Controversial isn’t the right word to use, it’s really all about having some fun and reacting while life happens, right?

“Attitude is a choice, not a result” is something I try to remember, sometimes life pushes you in a puddle, you just have to not drink the water while you pulling yourself up.  I share my living quarters with a beautiful and understanding lady friend, and a couple of cats, Steve and Louie.  Kids in the future, cats in the present.  I don’t think I could leave food out for the kids for a weekend and take off, so until that day comes we’ll go with those two.

Born and raised in St. Catharines, mother and stepfather, younger brother and sister in the same city, father and stepmother in Commerce, extended family following that description to the letter.  It’s nice to have everyone spread around in nice places so visits can be vacations as much as catching up!

Likes?  Keeping up with anything and everything social and informative, current events, weather, sports sports sports, technology, music, movies, entertainment…pictures are fun, naps are amazing.  I am currently straddling the side of the “stay in shape” wagon which entails some good runs and a few workouts spattered in between.  I’ll keep trying that while cramming delicious foods in my mouth in between words coming out.

Dislikes?  Negativity.  It’s contagious and gets tougher to cure the longer you surround yourself with it.  Fight it by smiling or getting to the root of the problem and move forward.   Wallowing just makes it stronger.  STOP IT!

There’s too much to go into detail about, so anything else will just reveal itself as we go along…thanks for stopping by and sharing in whatever all of this is!  Feel free to follow along here and on Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and whatever future Web 13.0 sites we’re using in the near future.

I hope you enjoy your time here, and if not, it’s the Internet, better distractions are just a click away! (Googles cats dressed as tacos…)


This is a personal website, produced in my own time and solely reflecting my personal opinions.  Statements on this site do not represent the views or policies of my employer, past or present, or any other organization with which I may be affiliated.  All content is copyrighted. I felt dirty typing this.


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