Throw Me A Beer – A Video History of Food and Beverage in Sports

When a beer is thrown at a player during a live sporting event, it’s obviously going to be cause for attention and concern.  Of course, it’s not the only moment of food and sports combining in unique and unfortunate ways.

#Beergate, as it’s been dubbed by some in the media, seems to have nearly blown over in Toronto, following Zapruder-esque examination of grainy footage and Internet mobs and conspiracy theorists analyzing and double-guessing along the way.  Was there a woman?  Was he drinking from a plastic cup AND a can?  What would’ve happened if the can actually HIT the player? It’s not the first time fans have thrown at the Baltimore Orioles.  A fan even threw a beer at an umpire after Brett Lawrie and Jim Farrell got tossed in 2013. Slowly, the interest is fading, but the moment itself will be added to a list of food and drink related sports moments long to be remembered.

Here Comes the Pizza

A classic, not only due to circumstances, but thanks to a wonderful post-incident commentary by the NESN team in the booth.  This clip has nearly 1.5 million views for good reason, and is worth the entire watch.  Skip to the 1:40 mark to enjoy the play-by-play.

Cheese Ball

This incident didn’t involve the throwing of food, but rather the catching of a ball.  And a free dip in some hot oily cheese.  Most people use lanolin to break in the leather…not soybean oil and colour number 5.

Beer Nuts

This is apparently what happens when your brother takes a penalty in the QMJHL and you have no other way to tell the ref how you feel about the call.  Pretty sure the Rocky Mountains weren’t the only things that were blue after that toss.

Technical Bräu

If you’re working the sideline of a basketball game, it’s probably best to keep an eye on the action before carrying a tray of beer to a seat.  Sure, there’s not much you can do when it’s right beside you, but that’s gotta be $127 worth of brew on the floor.

Popcorn Paradise

Sometimes the food moment is self-inflicted, but trust me, this guy wasn’t feeling anything but good while finishing off his favourite snack.  Soggy popcorn?  I’m not sure he cares.

Cotton Candy Crush

We wrap it up with my favourite of the year, involving some blue cotton candy, and toddler, and the biggest sugar rush since Rod and Todd discovered Pixy Stix.

I’m pretty sure she can see sounds. sports



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