Today I Learned – June 25/15

  • When tomorrow is your last day of work before a vacation, it makes today feel like Employment Christmas Eve.

  • Looking for houses is easy, in the sense that there are many houses.  Finding one for you is a different story. 10 times as long as In Search of Lost Time (ironically.)
  • Owning an animal that willingly chases strange insects around the house and is at the same time afraid of the TV is both amusing and frustrating.
  • Opening three different boxes for food is equal to or greater than actually preparing a “real” dinner.
  • Even if you haven’t been there in 25 years, reading about your old public school ringing it’s last bell still makes you a little sad.
  • When your mother’s birthday is the same day as the death of the King of Pop, it’s hard to do a moonwalk to celebrate.
  • This is a pretty sweet cheat code, but I’d only let my younger brother use it:



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