Who Canada Beats Next – Facts About Slovakia

After handling the Danes a couple of nights ago, Canada looks to advance to the Gold Medal game with a win tonight over Slovakia.  Who is Slovakia?  Where is Slovakia?  Other related Slovakian questions?  Look no further as we explore the country standing between Canada and their first medal in three years and first title in six.

  • slovakiaSlovakia has a population of around 5.4 million people (and 4000 types of fungi) and is bordered by Poland, the Czech Republic, Austria, Hungary, and Ukraine.  Plenty of places to borrow a cup of sugar from.
  • The country is run by a President elected every five years.  That’s currently Andrej Kiska, who lived in the United States for a while in the 90s.  On a related note, we’re still waiting for his definitive answer and what’s best for the country, Beanie Babies or Tamagotchi.
  • Slovakia became it’s own country after peacefully separating from Czechoslovakia in 1993.  Huh, peacefully you say?  Has anyone ELSE thought of that method?
  • The official language is Slovak, and while Czech and Slovak dialects can pretty much go back and forth, that isn’t the case with eastern Slovak dialects.  Much like hardcore Newfies to the rest of English speaking Canada.
  • brundzovehardskyTraditional Slovakian foods are based on the fact most villages were self sustaining without imports or ways to preserve foods.  This is a delicious bowl of Bryndzové halušky, which is potato dumplings with cheese made from sheep’s milk.  It’s OK to want some.
  • Canada has the third largest Slovakian population outside of Slovakia, with around 100,000 residents cheering for the losing team within our borders tonight.
  • Without Slovakians we might not have parachutes, GPS, the spinning fishing reel or the resonator guitar.  Imagine using all those things at once…why do I also picture a hat with a feather in there?
  • Andy Warhol’s parents?  Slovakian.  Jon Voight, Jessica Biel and Paul Newman also have at least one parent from Slovakia.
  • modelFamous people from Slovakia include Miroslav Satan, Marian Hossa, and Adriana Sklenarikova, the supermodel face of Wonderbra for a while.  In case you couldn’t tell.
  • Popular sports in Slovakia include football, hockey, tennis and volleyball.  The country has also done well at the Olympics in Whitewater slalom, with 16 medals in 22 years.
  • Many NHL players have hailed from Slovakia, and eight have won the Stanley Cup.  Two, Tomas Kopecky and Marian Hossa, have won it twice.
  • The men’s hockey team has won four medals at the world championships, including gold in 2002 and a recent silver medal finish in 2012.
  • The junior team has been in Group A competition since 1996, and had their best finish, a bronze medal, in 1999.  This is the furthest they’ve gone in the competition since a fourth place finish in 2009.

And thus your knowledge of 22 year old Slovakia is complete!  Alright, not complete, but you now know a little more about team that Canada is desperately trying to not look past when they drop the puck tonight at 8!  Grab a bowl of Bryndzové halušky, put on your lucky Wonderbra and Go Canada Go! sports



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