10 Reasons Saturday Football is Awesome

  1. When your favourite hockey team is the Oilers, HNIC stands for Horrible Nightmare Inducing Competition.  Having something else to watch is kind of nice. sports
  2. If one of your teams is playing, you either get the whole day Sunday to say how you can enjoy the games because you’re already through to the next round, or sleep off your raging elimination hangover.
  3. Tertiary network coverage usually reserved for a Thursday night gets “Primetime” treatment.  Either a good thing or a schadenfreudian bad thing.
  4. footballYou can confuse your EPL friends when you’re talking about watching the Saturday football games.  Throw in the odd Wigan reference for fun!
  5. You can treat your stomach to “Big Game Specials” at your favourite watering hole two days in a row!  (Clear out an hour in your Monday morning schedule for the inevitable “clearing out.”)
  6. There are now TWO days in the weekend to either put off doing chores, or half-assing them quickly with a quality that will see you revisiting them the following weekend.
  7. Bask in the glory of that one guy in your fantasy league who forgot they play games on a Saturday in the playoffs.  Especially if they’re your competition.
  8. If your team is enjoying the bye week you can comfortably state that fact out loud a day earlier, while internally debating the merits of coming in “rested”, or as I call it, COLD.
  9. The ratio of attractive people to “football is my life” people out while the game is on is much more favourable on a Saturday night.  You might want to wash that sweet BBQ heat stain out of that jersey first.
  10. It’s an extra day of playoff football.  Who CARES what night it’s on!




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