Today I Learned – Jan 2/15

  • Opening old suitcases can be like opening time capsules.  Maybe not exciting times, but capsules nonetheless.

  • A trip doesn’t become a trip until you start printing and GPSing things together.  That or making the “here’s how to run the house” lists for your house sitter.
  • It is possible to lay down for a nap and moments later come to the realization it isn’t going to happen.  Even without kids.
  • Much like a pot of water set to boil, a watched mailbox never gets mail delivered to it.
  • Watching sports bloopers never gets old.
  • Saying “I’ll do the dishes as they come up” doesn’t mean you’ll actually do it.
  • There’s nothing in the world that sounds like skates cutting into fresh ice.
  • There’s nothing wrong with a little harmless year-long pranking.*

*Friends don’t let friends shoot vertical video.



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