Today I Learned – Jan 1/15

  • It is possible to remove all references to Christmas in your home in less than an hour.  The credit card bill takes slightly longer to remove.

  • When your cat realizes the tree is coming down, they’ll dive onto any remaining “pine needles” before you can get the vacuum.
  • Starting off the new year with fast food is as much a tradition as watching the ball drop.
  • The best part of a cold is realizing it’s finally going away.
  • The worst part of a cold is thinking it’s going away, then having it return with a vengeance.
  • Finally cleaning all the dishes will make you hesitant to eat using any cutlery or dishware.  Boxes and cans are your friend.
  • It may be with two teams you don’t really cheer for, but something about outdoor hockey just makes you want to watch.  Especially when ends like this.  (The announcer helps.)




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