Today I Learned – Sept 9/14 – Apple Watch Edition

  • You can go your entire life not knowing you “needed” something until Apple tells you that you do, and then, magically, life isn’t “complete” without it.

  • Dear Santa, for Spring next year I want an Apple Watch.  I will wait patiently and will be fine with opening a card on December 25th saying “Soon Barn, soon.”
  • Even though the front looks really nice, I’d almost want to wear the watch “inside out” to show off the crazy infrared lens heart-rate thingamabobs.  Look at how weird that looks!


  • You can apparently send someone else wearing an Apple Watch your heartbeat in real time.  I’m not sure if this is endearing or something I’d expect to see on The Running Man.
  • These things come in three styles and “start at” $349.  Why do I get the sense the one I want will be around $500?
  • It tells time.  Like a watch does.  Except it’s within 50 milliseconds of the right time.  No more “my watch was slow” excuses.
  • Something that you wrap around your wrist can take away almost all of the attention from two bigger phones and a new way to pay for things.  Because it’s new and shiny!
  • Drink the kool-aid.  DRINK IT!



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