Today I Learned – Sept 1/14

  • Working out on an elliptical only beats running when the humidex is over 35.  Or if you’re too lazy to make the walk in your shorts and t-shirt to the front door.

  • Working on a holiday is better when you have someone working with you.  I’m not sure if it’s the company or knowing you’re not alone in the struggle.  The struggle is real.
  • Walking into an air-conditioned house after 5 seconds of oppressive humidity/heat is the cooling equivalent too wrapping yourself in a human blanket cocoon in the winter.
  • Listening to your partner make a “coo” sound while they nap can bring instant contentment.
  • An office full of plants can make workers happier and increase productivity by 15%.  So long as you let them live.  Otherwise they become poorly tended salads.
  • Sometimes the best method is the aggressively passive-aggressive method:



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