Fashion Foreword

I preface this post with the following statement: I am not a fashionista.  This should become clear in the next few minutes.

I know how to dress myself.  That’s not just in the physical sense; I feel I am able to properly analyze situations and wear clothing that matches the surrounding environment.  Where things might become slightly blurry is the difference between what I think is good enough and what a situation may actually call for.

This was most recently brought to my attention during a quick conversation I had with my girlfriend.  I have noticed lately there seems to be an increase in the number of women wearing/growing/showing bangs in their hairstyles.  After a quick scan of my memory for women’s hairstyles (ERROR FILE NOT FOUND) I asked my girlfriend if this was a new trend…

“…it’s never gone away.  It comes and goes in waves.”

Apparently this is something I simply haven’t noticed.  Again, it’s not something I think I would have a lot of knowledge about, or evern more than a passing interest in knowing.  This was another reminder that as much as I think I “know” what the “trends” are, I may be slightly out of touch.

Leather: check. Hoodie: check. Robot hands: double check.

Leather: check. Hoodie: check. Robot hands: double check.

Same goes for the leather jacket avec hoodie look that’s been around for…I don’t know…how long has it been around for?  My girlfriend was quick to point out that it was a fairly normal occurrence in modern society, and a quick trip to the Pen Centre confirmed her analysis.  Maybe it’s because I’m a guy and fashion for me goes in order of Cleanliness-Comfort-Style.  If it’s clean it’s top of the list, unless of course I find something that’s clean and comfortable.

When I’m buying something the first one becomes COST.  I have gone weeks, nay months in slightly desperate need of new jeans, only to wait until a proper sale comes around to purchase an appropriate amount of dyed denim to wrap my legs in.  That’s what jeans are for.  Covering my legs.  I’m not screaming “LOOK AT HOW STYLISH I AM WORLD”, I’m saying “I’d like to keep my legs covered and I can’t wear pyjama pants outside AGAIN today.”

As I’m comfort over style there has been occasions where clothing selections of mine, although practical for comfort/physical conditions, may not be in line with what’s expected.  Such an incident occurred while cottaging with friends in the Winter.  I’m not a huge outdoor Winter person, and as such I have yet to part with many dollars to outfit myself in what I consider to be superfluous purchases.  If I’m only going to wear it once or twice it’s going to take an extreme situation to make a purchase happen.  Walking across a frozen lake in the middle of the night does not make the cut.  Hence the following ensemble:

One of us is dressed "appropriately." The other is dressed.

One of us is dressed “appropriately.” The other is dressed.

There’s my gorgeous girlfriend, knitted hat, pashmina (I had to look that one up), leather gloves, good coat.  Stylish AND warm.  Nicely done.  Now for Frankenstein: fleece pants, long sleeve shirt under an Oilers hoodie, knitted scarf under a fake wool-lined corduroy jacket, 6 year old cracked leather gloves and a toque I got for $5 eight year ago.  Not pictured: The rubber boots I bought for $10 as part of a Halloween costume earlier that year.


Were they clean?  Check.  Were they comfy?  Check.  Good enough for me.  I was warm, and that was the only visual proof of my outfit seen by anyone.  Of course, you’re seeing it now, so I guess there’s that.

I have been known to clean up when needed.  I have been told I can do it adequately.  (Usually in the same cold dark environment as our winter lake walk.)  This is merely meant as a “heads up” when I’m being asked for opinions on the appearances of either the questioner or others.  I think I kind of know.  If that’s enough to build your confidence, ask away.

It is for THAT reason when asked “How do I look?” I will respond with “you look fine” or “you look beautiful.”  They are the safest (and almost always the truth.)  Maybe my previous statement is why no one ever believes me. relationship relationships



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