Barn Escapes – Maldives Edition

Every once in a while, in between staring at my half full coffee cup and scraping half a cat’s worth of hair off my clothes, my mind wanders to a far off place where my worries dissolve into calm relaxation.  Here’s today’s moment of escape.

If you don’t know, the Maldives (or the Republic of the Maldives) are a chain of 26 atolls southwest of India in the Laccadive Sea.  Let’s put it another way…here’s where it is in the world:

That's not close to here.

That’s not close to here.

It’s population sits just under 400 thousand (a little less than the Niagara Region) and 90% of it’s exports involve fish in some way.  It’s biggest draw, like Niagara Falls, comes down to tourism, but it wasn’t considered a major tourist spot until 1972, and when you see what they’ve got, you can’t imagine why it wasn’t sooner.

Eating 16.5 feet underwater.

Eating 16.5 feet underwater.

That’s a picture of the Ithaa Restaurant.  If you stay at the Conrad Hilton on Rangali Island, you have the option to watch what you might be eating later on.  It’d be like jumping in the lobster tank at Zehrs while eating fish sticks.  Alright, maybe not.

It’s not easy to get to the Maldives, in fact the most “direct” route from Canada would be through London England and onto Malé from there, where depending on which island you’re headed to might include a boat ride or short flight in a small plane to get to your hotel.  Obviously not cheap, but if you’re looking to get away in the middle of nowhere, it’s hard to beat the options you’ll find.

South Nilandhe, Maldives

South Nilandhe, Maldives

The following video is of the Velassaru Resort. Six nights at the beginning of June will cost you and a friend just shy of $6,000, not including flights.  Not a cheap trip, but depending on how stressed you are it might be worth every penny.  (This coming from the guy who won’t throw out a pair of jeans until you can see more hair than denim.)

You can watch plenty more videos on YouTube to see what other people get to enjoy, or maybe stoke the fire to start saving for yourself.  Whatever you do, just know that if my lottery numbers ever come through this is where you’ll reach me for the next month.  On second thought, don’t bother trying.



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