A Fairview of Soccer Golf

There are some changes happening in my old neck of the woods, and if you’re so inclined you could find yourself there, especially if your kicks go astray.

Soccer golf is a new hybrid sport that’s slowly spreading around the world, mostly due to golf courses trying to expand their revenue streams, but partially because of the simpleness of the concept.  You don’t need any equipment, and you need to be able to kick a ball.

If that sounds like something you’d enjoy, Niagara has it’s first offering at Fairview Golf in St. Catharines.  Back before the Y and Costco and Home Depot were built there, anyone turning right off of Lake Street would swing around past the Holiday Inn and see nothing but an open field and an old truck trailer with the word “GOLF” painted on the side.  25 years later the par 3 course is still there, and is giving you the chance to get your kicks trying something new.

This would be fun too.

This would be fun too.

Nine holes of soccer golf will cost you $10-$11 depending on when you go, and outside of the money there’s nothing else you need to bring.  You don’t even need to bring your own ball.  You can’t bring soccer cleats, because the course still functions for “regular” golfing as well.  It’s tough enough for me to keep an iron shot straight without blasting out of a cleat trough.  Thankfully, soccer and traditional golf doesn’t take place at the same time, although that could open up an entirely new type of game.  I picture football equipment involved somehow.

In all seriousness, this is a neat idea to me.  You get your exercise, you can go with friends, have some fun competition, and you don’t need everyone to own $300 worth of equipment.  Plus the simplicity of the game, kick the ball in the hole, should entice more than a few people to try it out.

Here’s a link to get more information if you want in, and a quick video to see it in action.  With this, plus the proposed frisbee golf course going in at Centennial Park, St. Catharines is really getting in the swing o…I’m sorry…I can’t…the puns are everywhere.  I’m sure there’s a Maple Leafs joke in there too (something about always golfing and diving…) sports



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