My Public Apology to Commuters of Bridge Street

Dear Commuters of Bridge Street,

I sincerely apologize for what you had to witness this morning.  I feel an explanation is in order to help alleviate any concerns you may have.

Firstly, I would’ve been out sooner in the morning, well before your commute, if it hadn’t have been raining at 7, or if it had planned on continuing to rain through the morning.  Either way, I would’ve normally been out and back and in the shower before you ever got to Bridge and Fourth.

Secondly, because it was still spitting, and it was warmer out than it had been since last November, I was a little torn as to what layers I should wear as I headed out for my run.  I figured the waterproof running jacket would be fine over my long sleeve running shirt to keep dry AND cool.

Third, after a couple of days off I like to go a little harder than I normally would, since I’ve had rest days to regain a little jump in my step.

The fact that I’m close to breaking a time-barrier I haven’t approached in about 5 years means if I feel like I’m close to hitting that goal I’m going to push even harder than I probably should.

I had no idea my running jacket retained hot-air like a running blow dryer sealed in a plastic bag.

Approximation of jacket conditions.

Approximation of jacket conditions.

I had no idea that a slight headwind on the way out would balloon the hot-air-filled jacket to hot-air-balloon sized proportions, slowing my progress.

I was completely unaware that my body temperature was increasing to the point of boiling the sweat off my body before it had a chance to evaporate.

All of these factors, combined with the fact that with 1K left I was on pace to hit my goal if I just….pushed…a little…more…

The point of the incident.

The point of the incident.

Is it for all of those reasons, and the fact that I wouldn’t just listen to the voice in my head yelling “SLOW DOWN YOU MANIAC!!!” that you had to witness what you did this morning.

So, it is with my humblest shreds of remaining dignity that I profusely apologize for dry heaving at the corner of Bridge and 4th for 10-15 seconds while you tried to commute to work this morning.


Barn (who, ran away shortly afterwards, and is all better now.) sports



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