Today I Learned – Baseball Edition – Apr 6/14

  • I can tolerate one or two attempts at The Wave.  By the fourth time I will remain in my seat out of spite.

  • Explaining the “rally cap” to those un-exposed may result in confused stares and repeated statements like “I don’t get it” and “and people do this?”
  • Trying to find someone you know on the opposite side of a full stadium may take upwards of four innings, even with the goodness of text messages and hat signals.
  • I’ve never seen someone denied service due to lack of ID after being served two times previously.  I’ve also never seen a woman upset to be denied because they didn’t look old enough.  A first for two things.
  • Somehow, a $5.75 hot dog and $7 nacho with cheese tastes better with a $10.75 tall can of beer.  What’s that?  My wallet’s on fire?
  • It’s always nice to find out the guy in the seats next to you spent 40% more than you because they bought their tickets earlier.
  • Getting your hand smashed with a firey hammer would normally leave you calling 9-1-1 one-handed.  Getting your hand on a screaming foul ball that ends up bouncing 30 rows away apparently causes no pain.  Ladies and gentlemen, science!
  • The amount I will try to save on parking is completely proportional to the added walking distance.  As in Free=Anything Within 16 Miles.
  • A handshake with an opposing fan after a game is always better than a punch.  Ok, 99% of the time.

Baseball(Seriously, The Wave thing…when you get it to work once or twice, congrats, if you’re REALLY not that into watching what’s going on, the exits are not barred or blocked in any way. sports




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