First World Problems – You’re Out or You’re Not?

As a man of simple function and pleasures, I usually go shopping for things when I need them.  Every once in a while I’ll plan ahead and look to see if what I need is on sale anywhere.  Once in a blue moon it actually is, so you can imagine the frustration when the only thing you’ve gone out for is sold out.  Or at least, you think it is.

When things are a REALLY good price, like something that’s a super pre-apocalypse special that’s going to get the foot traffic though the door, 9 times out of 10 it’ll have it’s own display set up somewhere in the store.  Regardless of this fact, 10 times out of 10 I’ll go check in the spot where it’d usually be kept.  Such was today’s adventure looking for toilet paper.  24 double rolls, usually on for $20, on for $8.99.  WHAT A STEAL!  I’ll check the toilet paper section!



Sure enough, and as I expected, the section was completely full, except for the sale item, which stared back at me like a burning pit of mocking emptiness.  “Alright, I’m sure there’s a display somewhere in the store, I’ll just get my other things and find it along the way.”

But I didn’t find it along the way.  I searched all the rows, the ends of the aisles, in the meat aisle, the breakfast section, other places I was sure it’d never be found, heck, I even tried the sushi area.  No dice.  I searched everywhere.  Or at least, I thought I had.

Checkout time.  I slowly trudged my way back to the toilet paper section and settled for an 8 double roll for $6.99.  Not what I wanted, but still something I needed, so off to run through the self-checkout and be on my way.  Should I ask someone about it?  No, it’s too busy, and frankly it’s not really worth it to me.  But a lingering thought kept poking me in the eye-part of my “Listen To Me!” section of my brain.

What if it was in the display at the entrance to the store?


Look, I get that as a place that sells things, you want to use all the floor space you can to sell what you have.  This can even mean in places that are still considered “inside” your place of business, even though it’s has no real security system between you and your car.  Think sidewalk sale and you’ll know what I mean.  This would be the best place to put your “big sale” items, so you can see them right as you walk in.


…if you’re going to do that, make sure you put it EVERYWHERE you walk in, and try to restock the regular section if it gets bled dry.  Just a small request, but one that becomes bigger as I go to leave the store.

Sure enough, on the OPPOSITE side of where I’d come in, the motherload.  Hundreds and hundreds of packages of 24 double rolls, just begging to be put in your cart and taken to the cash. *see giant red rectangle on rudimentary store map*  Of course, I had just rung everything through, which means I had to go back into the store, dig out the receipt, hand over the 8 pack I’d bought and re-buy the 24.  Have you ever used your debit or credit card for a $2-3 difference?  I don’t know why that stood out so much, maybe it’s because I felt I SHOULDN’T have had to do it in the first place.

Long story short, I wish they’d had the 24s in the regular section or ALL the entry points so I wouldn’t have needed to do a return/exchange that probably took 2 minutes out of my day.  Or maybe I can learn to check the front every time I go in.  Either way…

…first world problems.




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