Today I Learned – April 4/14

  • Reheating pizza with a pizza stone is like taking nectar from the gods and adding sugar.  And pepperoni.

  • It can rain for 35 straight days and the iceberg that is my driveway shoveling remnants will continue to occupy my front lawn.
  • Sometimes I feel like I need a backup drive for my backup drive.  That or I need to be on a technology edition of Hoarders.
  • In the vein of Harland Williams, I believe it to be impossible to recycle a recycling bin.

  • Every time it rains I think about how I got away without washing my car again.  Until it hails.
  • The longer you go without pants, the more you want to see how long you can go without them.
  • Seeing a giant Canadian flag unfurled while 50K people sing the anthem gets me right in the feels.
"Blue Jays home opener, 2014" by John Lott

“Blue Jays home opener, 2014” by John Lott



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