OK Blue Jays…Let’s Play Ball.

Every Spring brings the feeling of newness.  Rebirth, renewal, regeneration, and sadly, for the last 20 years, repetition for the Toronto Blue Jays.  Every Spring, we buy in and give it another go. Every season, we get our hearts slowly stomped on. Will this year be any different?

Joe Carter 92/93Remember this?  Catching the ball in ’92, hitting the ball in ’93, Joe Carter was the last Blue Jay to touch the ball in both World Series wins.  And sadly, he’s the last Blue Jay to touch the ball in a playoff series.  We’re now into Year 21 PWS (Post World Series) since Toronto reached the top of the baseball world, and long suffering fans aren’t asking for a trophy, we’re just asking for some October baseball North of the Border.  And 2013 was supposed to bring it.

Last year the hype reached a fever pitch when 295 players and a perpetual motion machine were traded for and brought into the Rogers Centre.  Expectations were high.  A sub-par April brought those expectations slowly crashing back to Earth.  Injuries, poor starting pitching, a catcher who couldn’t hit/catch/throw out a runner to save his life…whatever the reason, Season 20 PWS quickly had us looking forward to Season 21 PWS as our saviour to the dry spell.  Is there reason for hope?

The Jays just split their opening series in Tampa Bay.  They still haven’t won a series in TB since the Buccaneers wore Creamsicle Orange.  But a split isn’t a loss, and tonight with the roof closed, the Blue Jays have their home opener against the Yankees.  And despite my better judgement, when it comes to this season the Jays may have a better chance than expected.  This is what happens when bets are hedged.  The Blue Jays aren’t supposed to do anything this year.  With the pressure off and eyes elsewhere in the AL East, there’s a chance we could be seeing meaningful September baseball in Toronto this year.  And frankly, I think I speak for all Blue Jays fans when I say:

Just give us a chance.

Jays Fans

Give us a chance to cheer.  Work hard, run out the grounders, carry yourselves with pride and professionalism.  For the love of God try to stay healthy.  Reyes and Janssen are two too many already.  If you can do those things, maybe when the air starts to get crisp we can keep warm in the heat of a Pennant race.   That’s not too much to ask, is it?

OK Blue Jays.  Let’s play ball.

Barn Blue Jays




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