Game of Thrones – Let’s Get Ready

For those that are unaware, Season 4 of GoT begins this Sunday on HBO, and this Monday on Pirate Bay.  In preparation for the next few months of remembering 45 names and story lines at once, here are four wonderful catch up videos to get you ready for the Iron Throne.  And yes, if you’re not caught up, spoilers abound following the end of this sentence.

Our first offering comes courtesy of the Game of Thrones channel on YouTube.  It’s a solid 25 minute recap of what went down in Season 3.  This is for fans who want to hit the ground running this weekend, but don’t have time to watch all of  Season 3 over again.  (But who doesn’t have time for that?)

The second video is thanks to the fine people at Digg.  They compiled the approximately 5,179 deaths shown in the first three seasons into a 3 minute viewing bonanza.  The “Crown for a King” scene still works for me.  And there’s a reason they show Ned still in one piece.  We know what happens, we don’t need to see it again.

And finally, why not a fine collection of reactions to the Red Wedding, which brought out the best in jaw dropping shock and the worst of smug “I read the book so I knew what was coming.”  Side note: If I’m ever in a crisis situation I need Grey Goatee with me.  That man is calm, consise and collected.

Happy GoTing! (Hums theme while flossing teeth…)



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