The Little Things – Ocean Sink vs Workout Clothes

*This is the first in an anticipated series of “things he/she does that annoy her/him.” These stories could be used in any potential trial down the road.

If you’re in a relationship you can immediately name one thing your partner does that has evolved from “I can tolerate that” to “are you serious? THIS still?!?!”  Venting is a process that eliminates the need to smother someone in their sleep, and the only fair thing to do if I vent about her thing is to admit to my his thing.  And so it begins.

When you wash your face/brush your teeth/use the bathroom sink for any purpose whatsoever, how wet does the counter-top become?  A little splashed?  Slightly damp?  A puddle here or there?  In my lifetime I’ve gone in to the bathroom after people have finished using it and 90% of the time I’ve seen counters that were close to if not completely dry.  The only real exception I could find were public restrooms, where someone apparently cups their hands under the running faucet and throws the water around like they’re feeding crumbs to birds 30 feet away.  (I’ve yet to find that on the bathroom checklist on the back of the door.)  Again, it was the only exception…

…until I moved in with my girlfriend.  It doesn’t happen every time, but if I go in after she’s done what she needs to do, there’s a 50/50 chance the counter is getting a free soaking.  And every time that happens, I lean forward against the edge of the counter without remembering and BAM.  Wet shirt.  Of course it’s just water (you never know in a public washroom) but I can’t for the life of me imagine how it gets so saturated.

Post-girlfriend counter equipment.

Does she brush her teeth with a belt-sander?  Does she screw the shower head on the faucet to wash her hands?  Does she put her thumb over the opening and power rinse the sink?

I would love to watch once or twice to see what happens, but fear of drowning has kept me at bay.  My girlfriend is aware of her “condition”, and we’ve launched humorous sentences in passing in the hallway about it, and still it continues.  Thankfully, it’s not the end of the world if I have to wipe down the counter every once in a while. To me, it’s a little thing.

She would tell you that a quick and simple answer to one question would make her life a little easier: How can my workout clothes land everywhere except the laundry basket?  Workout, put clothes in laundry, go about daily life.  Seems simple enough.  And for some reason, I can’t nail down a single answer for her.

Literal Sweat Shirt

Sometimes I hang them in the shower so the sweat can dry out before I discard them.  Sometimes I hang them from the elliptical for the same purpose, which usually ends abruptly with the exasperated plea “Do you have to hang those SWEATY shorts on the handle RIGHT where I put my hand?!?!”  In my mind I know they’ll end up in the hamper, but I’d rather they dry out before I toss them in a lidded box in close proximity to my clean clothes.  I know how compost works, and if left unattended too long my clothes would be ripe for anything that required growth.  Maybe even the clothes themselves.

To be completely honest, if I workout in something and it’s dried and sat a couple of days, and it passes the smell check, I’ll wear it again.  Let me be clear, I have plenty of clothes to workout in, but like everyone, I have my favorites.  And if I can get a couple of uses out of something before having to wash it again, why not give it another go?  Your response to this probably equals hers, which is equal parts despair and disgust.  As a truce I purchased a container of Lysol wipes to disinfect any and all shared home workout equipment after usage or clothing-rackification.

For her part, she’s pretty good about it too.  Thankfully to her, it’s also a little thing.  And as anyone in a relationship will tell you, sometimes it’s the little things that matter most.  Like where I might be sleeping tonight.

My potential bed this evening...

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