Today I Learned – Jan 24/14

  • A bag of Oreos with one sleeve of cookies left fires the “I can eat all those at once” part of your brain while shutting off the “you feel shame” part at the same time.  But only if you have milk.

  • Continuing the Oreo theme: Cookie Dough and Marshmellow Krispy flavours?  Does that first one sound redundant?  That’s like cake flavoured cake or ice cream flavoured ice cream or depression flavoured microwave dinners.
  • It’s two weeks and counting to the Sochi 2014 Opening Ceremonies.  Hopefully there aren’t any other countdowns currently happening in that region.
  • Continuing the Olympic theme: The original budget for Sochi was $12 billion.  It is now $51 billion (the most expensive ever.) Or as Ontario calls it, a balanced budget.
  • Driving someone else’s car in the snow is like walking in shoes five sizes too big.  You can still do it, but comfort is NOT what you feel.
  • Continuing the Winter theme: We get it.  It’s cold.  It’s snowy.  It’s windy.  We’re nine days from seeing a frozen groundhog’s corpsey shadow.  We’ll survive.
  • I feel slightly depressed knowing there’s no Sunday NFL games for the first time since last September.  If you said “what about the Pro Bowl” please leave this site immediately.
  • Continuing the NFL theme: You’ve seen the first one.  Now you’re going to see the second one (I found a girlfriend for the Latin kid):



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