Today I Learned – Jan 20/14

  • Spilt nail polish remover on a coffee table can focus the “clean this up immediately” part of your brain instantaneously.

  • A letter telling you “we know it’s not good” doesn’t always alleviate the feeling that things aren’t good.
  • Watching the BBC Documentary – Space Dive about Felix Baumgartner’s jump prep makes me wonder how they ever got off the ground to jump in the first place.  Cost: $32.5 million CDN.
  • Adding lobster to mac and cheese shouldn’t make as much of a difference as it does.
  • Opening your bathroom door after a shower and discovering you’re not alone makes the closest towel your best friend.
  • The pianist in the following video was taken to hospital suffering from what is technically known as “burny-melty-finger” syndrome.



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