For Fox Sake

*UPDATEAs of 2pm EST Bowman has apparent ACL and MCL injuries.  That’s like saying the sky is blue or Richard Sherman can speak loudly.

Everyone is familiar with the phrase “that’s enough.”  We heard it most growing up as children while we were over-doing something.  You can hear your parents tone and cadence in your head right now just thinking about it.  Last night while millions of people watched a man snap his leg in half, you could hear the universe start screaming in unison…THAT’S ENOUGH.

First, here’s to a speedy recovery to NaVarro Bowman of the San Francisco 49ers.  Football is a violent game, and injuries of that nature, although freakish, have to be expected.  We all hope nothing but the best for Bowman and that he comes back better and stronger than before.

Second, because we see everything in practically real-time, you can’t fault a television network for showing what happened.  That’s the pass a network gets for showing something while it’s actually happening.  The problem most of us had isn’t that we saw it, it’s the number of times FOX kept showing it.  Over.  And OVER.  AND OVER.  FROM DIFFERENT ANGLES.  We’ve all heard the reasoning for the repeated showings:

“There was a fumble on the play, they had to show what happened with the ball.”

Pictured: NOT someone's leg becoming two slightly attached legs.

I completely understand that logic.  It’s a 3rd and goal play, in a close NFC Championship game, with millions of viewers invested in the outcome.  The refs got the call on the field horribly wrong.  By all means, keep showing the fumble and what happened to the ball.   What’s the point I’m making?


How many times has a network digitally zoomed in to show two feet in bounds, or whether the ball has crossed the line or come out?  If you want to show where the ball is, that’s great, zoom in and show the ball.  When you know someone’s knee joint has gone from structural to wacky waving inflatable arm flailing tube, it’s kind of hard to focus on the ball in the picture.

I understand being able to zoom in like that on the fly in a tense and time-sensitive atmosphere is NOT an easy thing to do, so I can let that slide.  But of all the replays and angles they showed, the LAST one, and you KNOW what angle I’m talking about if you saw it, THAT’S the one that has NOTHING to do with showing where the ball went.  In the society we live in I can understand showing it from that angle.  ONCE.

Ahhh...delicious life-changing injury...

When you see the play happen live, then watch a replay and go “ugh”, watch another replay and go “AHHHH,” and then see that last angle and scream in terror and recoil away from the screen, that should be enough.  If my girlfriend has time to walk in from the other room two minutes later and see the exact same sequence again (where she went from a “oh ya, that’s not good” to a high pitched “whooooOOOOOOOOHHHHH MY GOD!!!!” it’s time to reconsider whether you’ve made the right decision.

I’ve never hid my disdain for the way FOX runs their ship from time to time, but judging on the reaction on my Facebook and Twitter feeds, I know I wasn’t alone in my screaming “that’s enough” at the television.  FOX does a lot of things right, but last night was one I think they got wrong.  That’s enough FOX.  That’s enough.

And don’t get me started about the commercial-instead-of-4th-down play.

*You will not find a picture or replay of the event from last night on this page.  If you have an appetite for that kind of thing, just type NaVarro Bowman and injury into Google and have at it.  In lieu of that graphic display of anatomy gone wrong, here’s a puppy.

Send 12 of these to NaVarro. He'll get better.




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