Today I Learned – Jan 13/14

  • The PCs want to create 1,000,000 jobs and the Liberals just threw $26+ million at a new hospital.  (sniff…sniff…)  What’s that I smell?  That’s not a warm spell, it’s an election.

  • You shouldn’t need to dip a cookie in something to make it palatable, it should be an option.
  • It’s “Kiss a Ginger” day today.  My GF said she’d kiss my beard.  It’s not kiss a salt n’ ginger day.
  • The proper amount of time to wait before honking at a person stopped at a green light is “Three Mississippi.”  Not One MissisHONK.
  • You can become so busy in your day you can forget you haven’t showered.  This does not apply to distraction related to physical activity.
  • I use an alarm to get up, but if you love the smell of whiplash in the morning, this’d work too:



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