Today I Learned – Jan 12/14

  • Having to smell pulled pork in the crock-pot for 7 hours doesn’t make it any less delicious when you finally eat it.

  • Playoff football games are actually played AND come to a conclusion even if you’re NOT watching them.
  • No matter what line you pick at the grocery store, it will be the slowest one you could have picked.
  • Driving someone else’s car is just like riding a bike in the dark.  You know where the pedals and handlebars are, but everything else is a relative guess.
  • Women’s bathing products can come disguised as dessert.  I can’t wait to try washing my face with ice-cream.

Ice Cream Cleaner

  • I didn’t learn this, I just confirmed it, Tina and Amy should host every ridiculous awards show from now on:



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