Olympic Overload

Not that I’m counting, but the Olympics are 28 days away.  Technically, that’s the time remaining until the Opening Ceremonies.  Competition actually starts on February 6th.  I am one of those people who will cease contact with the outside world and ingest as much Olympic awesomeness as possible.  And while it’s good to have choices, even I might have too much to handle.

CBC gets the broadcasting rights to the Olympics again after being shut out of Vancouver and London.  In the six years since Beijing there has been an exponential increase in online streaming and specialty channel usage to make our coverage Citius Altius and Fortius.  And following the current trend, CBC will look to their competitors to make sure our eyeballs have nothing but five rings to rule us all in February.

CBC, TSN, TSN2, Sportsnet and Sportsnet ONE will have all the TV coverage, and CBC Radio One and TSN Radio will have supplementary Olymptastic goodness throughout the Games.  CBC.ca will have streaming coverage of up to 12 live events, and a mobile app for your phone/tablet will also keep you up to date.  The good news is no matter where you are, if you want Olympics, you’ve got it.  The bad news?

There are only 432 hours of Olympics happening.  We are getting over 1500 hours of coverage.

So. Much. Coverage.

1519 to be exact.  That’s 63 days and 7 hours of coverage for an event that goes slightly over two weeks.  Insanity.

I love the Olympics.  I love watching as people who have been training for their entire lives for one moment get to live out their dreams and carry a country on their back while they do it.  HOW am I going to watch ALL of that amazing coverage??!!?  I’ll have to pick favourites, so maybe the Ladies 30K Mass Start Free will take a back seat to the Men’s Slalom, or the Men’s Bronze Medal Ice Hockey Game (which we hopefully won’t be playing in.)  But I’m still trying to plan it out.

I can see the bedroom TV from the living room, so long duration events will be in there with low volume.  The living room TV will have the favourite channels plugged in for rapid switching.  The radio will be tuned for bonus coverage.  The laptops will be fired up on the websites, and the phones and tablets will be wired and ready to go.  Easy to open snacks all around.  Carefully timed trips for beverage refills and bathrooms breaks (tablets and phones are good for that.)  Spare remote batteries, eye drops, copious amounts of Team Canada gear to wear…with the right amount of planning I might actually be able to pull this off.

Quite frankly, with all this goodness at our fingers and the effort it’ll take to consume it all, they may pass out a medal for marathon Olympic viewing.   And if that’s the case, I’d better start training. sports

My Olympic Training

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