Today I Learned – Jan 10/14

  • A poorly manufactured face moisturizer can determine a woman’s mood for the remainder of the morning. #crusty

  • It is possible for the fabric tag on a pair of women’s underwear to cover the same approximate space as the actual fabric.
  • Waking up to a cat laying on your chest licking your face is nice for .67 seconds and then the mind wanders to “where has that tongue been recently?”
  • I don’t always agree with the movies my girlfriend picks, but if I have to watch one of “her” movies, Mean Girls will suffice.  The reasons are self-explanatory.
  • Reheating lasagna is a science. There is a 5 second window between “hot outside frozen inside” and “everything is lava.”
  • Seeing as we’re four weeks and counting to Sochi, let’s look back at a moment from Vancouver.  Not that you’ll remember where you were or anything…



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