Pipe Down

Anyone who has to get up in the morning and do things has a routine.  Anyone who has a morning routine knows what it’s like when it’s somehow interrupted.  But when the interruption isn’t limited to one area, all bets for sanity are off.

It’s been cold recently.  That last sentence is an understatement, as last night it dropped down to -20 Celsius and -34 with the wind chill.  My car battery has already suffered the wrath.  Apparently the house fell victim to Winter’s frozen fury as well.

Last night before heading to bed I stared at the dishes piled up by the sink.  Leaning back I yelled to my girlfriend “I’ll take care of the dishes in the morning!”  When you’re at the end of your day and just want to sleep, the last thing that would get in the way would be a desire to manually clean a load of dishes that A) Isn’t going anywhere and (B) Isn’t sleep.  So off to bed we went, blissfully unaware of the stranglehold the cold night was putting on our water supply.

Fast forward to this morning.  Let’s take into account that in my girlfriend’s first two days of her new schooling path, she’s dealt with a dead car blocking her path on Morning One, and a power outage that leaked into her routine time on Morning Two.  Morning Three started off normally, as a trip to the bathroom showed all things were as they should be.  As I returned to the bedroom (I’m not the one going to school, my routine is currently “Comfortably rise at my own glorious pace”) I heard my girlfriend say something from the kitchen.  Leaning out the bedroom door, I asked what she had said.

The kitchen tap isn’t working.”

A Kitchen Tap Working Normally

Our kitchen has been known to be drafty from time to time, and in this cold snap it became “slippers only” territory.  Not unbearable, but still a little chilly.  The reason for this is a slight draft that comes from under the sink, where the pipes are.  Seeing as it’s been -500 degrees for the past couple of days it wasn’t hard to conclude that the pipes had frozen.  That became a slight issue in her Morning Routine.  However, this led me to another conclusion, so I bounded into the bathroom and tried the faucet in the tub.


I can’t think of a time when using the words “You can’t have a shower” is a welcomed event.  When preparing yourself for a day of Aesthetics training I can’t believe that would be an opportune time either.  Probably one of the worst times.  So the thinking begins…we have no kitchen sink, no tub/shower, BUT we have the bathroom sink.

BAM.  I’ll wash your hair.

Barn's Salon - One Day Only!

So that’s how our day started.  Me in my pj’s giving my girlfriend a “warm enough” hand rinse at 7 in the morning while half asleep.  I’m amazed most of the water ended up in the sink, most of the shampoo didn’t end up in her eyes, and all in all it turned out alright.   She went about the rest of her routine and was on her way.  MY routine followed.

It’s workout day.  30 minutes of weight lifting and other exercises followed by a 5K run.  Since I haven’t brought my Tauntaun running suit out of storage, I decided to hit the elliptical and that’d be that.  Of course, the 2nd worst time to be told “You can’t have a shower” behind “You’re going to a class where you learn to make people look good” is right after you’ve worked out.  But with a working sink, it simply became a practice in 1200s hygiene.

Grab a pot from the kitchen, fill up the pot in the bathroom sink, dump it in the bathtub.  Repeat 50 times.  I even had the washing routine down with proper rinsing preparation:  shampoo, then rinse with one container of clean water, body wash, then rinse with another container, face wash, third container.  Like clockwork.  Although considerably more water ended up on the floor than during the earlier hair washing.  Hey!  Free floor wash!

Bath time Re-enactment

And finally, after heading out to grab groceries, those dishes from the night before.  It’s hard enough to have to do them by hand in a single kitchen sink, imagine the fun in using a bathroom sink to get it taken care of.  Like washing the floor with a toothbrush.  Thankfully I didn’t do that with the dishes.

So there it is, the first three mornings of school, and a car battery, a power outage, and frozen pipes tried to get in my girlfriend’s way.  Whatever natural disaster takes place tomorrow morning, be sure we’ll be ready for it.  Although most of North America is still fighting through this one: relationship relationships

The Day After Tomorrow



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