Today I Learned – Jan 7/14

  • When you’re hungry while grocery shopping and you pick up a bag of chips, you already know you’re not going to have a grown up lunch.
  • If the guy collecting shopping carts outside the store is bundled up like a walking sleeping bag, you know it’s better to be inside.
  • When you tune in for something at 10AM, even though it’s supposed to happen at 11AM, and then some guy starts talking for 15 minutes, you realize you can just find out what you want to know afterwards and you can save 1:15 or your life for whatever you want.
  • CES 2014 has just started, and my brain has already spent $15,349.
  • If anyone wants to send me a Pebble Steel smart watch I’ll review it and if things go well possibly write it into my will.
  • Who hasn’t needed help from Olive oil after getting stuck naked in a washing machine?
  • What the fuck is my cat Steve doing?

What the Fuck is my Cat Doing.

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