Today I Learned – Jan 4/14

  • When you lift things up and put them down, you may have trouble lifting your arms and putting them down the next day.  No problems leaving them down.

  • Knowing there’s another good storm coming has me contemplating hanging my shovel next to my keys.  They’re being used in equal amounts lately.
  • You spend your time before poker thinking about either how much money you’re going to win or what else you could spend that money on instead.  One outlook is more positive than the other.
  • Watching people playing hockey on the rink in front of the house during Canada’s game at the World Juniors had me wondering if they were really Canadian.  After that result it has me wondering if they can predict the future.
  • The windchill at tomorrow’s Packers/49ers game could equal -51F/-46C.  That tundra isn’t frozen, it’s Hoth.
  • Golfing on the Wii sounds like sex move.  In actuality it’s a move of desperation.  Come back soon Spring.
  • I want one:



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