Today I Learned – Jan 3/14

  • Every time you look away from a timer on a piece of workout equipment, the clock either stops or goes backwards.  The same thing happens with clocks at schools.

  • You will find out there’s something wrong with your car at the least opportune time.  But honestly, is there an actual opportune time?
  • They should teach Tetris in schools so you can obtain advanced knowledge of how to stack and store various holiday decorations in a space designed to hold only 55-60% of them.
  • I hate when the sun comes out and lies about how warm it is.
  • Crazy carpets can be used as shovels.  They can also be used as body launching injury creators.
  • No matter how many times I do it, I always open an oven and leave my face directly within the blast radius.
  • I would assume that feels like the opposite of leaving your face in front of this:



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