Today I Learned – Jan 2/14

  • Taking down Christmas decorations can make your house seem 400% larger and your storage 400% smaller.  Another Christmas miracle.

  • Watching 4 World Junior Hockey games isn’t just fun, it’s training for the Sochi Olympics next month.
  • Community returns tonight with Dan Harmon back at the helm.  That’s like upgrading to a first class plane ticket from “I’ll try not to fall out of the wheel well.”
  • Refusing to play with your whining cat after watching him inhale a meal’s worth of food is proactive cat-puke avoidance.
  • Any leftover Christmas treat that can be dunked in milk before being consumed is fair game for breakfast.  Those cookies don’t stay fresh forever.
  • Shoveling into the wind helps turn your snow suit into a literal snow suit.
  • It is possible to completely forget about a pair of pants you own.  There are others you wish you could forget about.
  • I KNEW there was a reason to practice this in Phys Ed:



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