Sick on Vacation

Oh good, this is what I wanted...It’s never fun to be sick.  The tired achy throbbing chilly sweaty stuffed-up coughing hallucinating ways to ruin your day are plentiful and equally tiresome.  But the place you become sick can sometimes be even worse than the illness itself.

As you may have read, the past weekend was filled with a lovely visit to Elmhirst Resort in Keene, Ontario.  A short 3 hour drive away, and wonderful stuff; a beautiful peaceful lake, comfortable well kept cottages, activities for those who want them, and peace and tranquility for those that don’t.  The group I went up with began our adventure on Friday night and upon arrival quickly unraveled into an evening of food, dancing, music, fire and more than enough to drink.  Well more than enough, but we can’t talk about that here.  Legally.  A taxing late night on the body for sure, but enjoyable for all.

Disgusting.  Gross.  Who'd stay here?

The next day brought a later rising than most of us were used to, a delicious breakfast, a trip to local butcher for the evening’s dinner supplies, a walk up to the local barn to see the animals, and a relaxing afternoon of sitting on the dock and soaking up the sun. The sun melted away towards the horizon as we enjoyed a wonderful steak dinner and a toast to the weekend with good friends and great times.  All was well with the world.

Horrible.  Just awful.

As it was just a weekend getaway, we all knew that a short 12 hours later we would be packing up the car and driving the 3 hours back home.  This usually calls for a calmer evening than the Friday night arrival.  Sadly for one of us, the evening ended much too quickly.  Our driver in the group took a sudden turn for the worse, and his wife filled us in with the bad news shortly after he retreated to the bedroom:

“I think he’s got the flu.”

Feverish, shaking, and unable to keep anything in, NOT the way to spend an evening of relaxation.  And then the concern crept in…what are we going to do if he’s like that, and we have to drive THREE HOURS through possibly heavy freeway traffic to get home?  Bags?  Buckets?  Towels?  Not a good thing to be worrying about.

As we retired for the night I laid in bed for a few moments, wondering how the next day would play out.  An hour later, I awoke with what I believed could be, maybe, is it?  It that a fever?

Mental reaction to slight discomfort.Just like when you get bit by one mosquito and every itch or scratch thereafter HAS to be a mosquito attacking you, when someone around you becomes suddenly sick, any change in your body’s behaviour immediately gets dissected and over thought.  Why was I hot?  Too much blanket?  Why did my stomach feel a slight pain?  Was it the alcohol consumption the last two nights?  Was I getting sick?

There are only so many medications you can take before there’s nothing left to do and just ride out the storm.  For a few early Sunday morning hours, I was worried I would be the one making a mess of the drive home.

Thankfully as the dawn broke and we packed the following morning, our driver had recovered just enough to get home without incident.  And thankfully, with nothing happening on my side outside of the beginnings of a head cold, our friend’s wife took the wheel, and we made it back home incident free.  It honestly could have been worse; he didn’t get sick until after almost all of the “good time” available while we were away.  It would’ve been much worse if it’d kicked in when we’d arrived.  I’m sure he’ll feel better about that when he’s healthy again.

There are only a few things in this world that I deem universal.  One of them is when you’re sick, you just want to be home in your own bed.  At the time it’s happening, there really is no worse feeling than not being healthy and not being in the comfort of your favourite blanket and pillow set-up.  I’m glad he made it home to recover.  And I’m glad we have cold medication around the house.  Apparently my bed is as comfortable to the sickness as it is to me.  Let the used tissue fort/moat construction begin!



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