Today I Learned – September 30/13

  • If only the hole was that big.A bad round of golf still beats a good day at work anytime.  The same holds true when unemployed somehow.

  • Holding out on taking cold medication to “see where you’re at” is proven stupid as soon as you actually take some and see how comfortable you could have been all day.
  • ATM machines that take multiple deposits almost make it worth while to just go to the teller instead.
  • Playoff baseball, especially tie-breaking games, are exponentially better than regular season games.
  • Knowing that Breaking Bad is over isn’t as depressing as I thought it would be.  Maybe it’s because of that kick-ass finale.
  • The average person creates half an ounce of nose fluid everyday when they are sick.  I must have one of those Moen noses because it feels like I’m producing a LOT more liquid.
  • Seriously, what a finale.



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