Today I Learned – September 25

  • Sea Goddess, Land Goddess, whatever pays you money!When your girlfriend tells you to go play a slot machine, 99/100 times you will lose your money.  1/100 times you will win.  Sea Goddess is my new friend.

  • Accidentally spraying the toilet seat with Scrubbing Bubbles means you now have to clean the entire seat, otherwise you’re left with gleaming white streaks down what you thought was a clean seat.
  • Sometimes $0.22 chicken wings are a great deal.  Most times there’s a reason they’re $0.22.
  • When killing a bee that won’t leave you alone, it is not recommended to crush it under a beer glass on a soft seat.  The bee will rise up slightly more agitated.
  • Until today, I would’ve thought Moab was something you wrote if you sneezed while typing, not a place in Utah where your vacationing mother would Skype you from.
  • In honour of hitting a $187 bonus on a penny machine, here that video of the guy who almost died, was in a coma, woke up, won a car on a scratch ticket, was asked by a news crew to “re-create” the moment, bought another ticket…and…



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