Today I Learned – September 23

  • a little much.There are times when you don’t need a great deal of focus.  Any moment involving electric clippers and manscaping requires LASER-like focus.

  • Like turning a light switch on even though you know the power’s out, when it’s sunny outside you’ll open the window.  Even though you know it’s only 6 degrees.
  • Having your tweet read on national television/radio can feel shocking, good and slightly depressing all at the same time.
  • When making chicken fingers to eat for yourself, always make one extra for the inevitable snack visit from your spouse.
  • Buying blackberries at $4.7 billion is a GOOD deal?  Oh, BlackBerry.  No, that’s still too much.
  • After last night’s penultimate episode, and the marathon AMC is running to catch everyone up, I think I’m just going to run this on repeat until Sunday night.



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