Today I Learned – September 22/13

  • Apple and cinnamon with 7% happiness!Any delicious beverage that is available for a limited time must be purchased in apocalyptic quantities.  Especially when it comes in alcohol flavour.

  • Even if you’ve been somewhere before, sometimes your GPS can be so persuasive you go against all reason and memory and drive where a stupid plastic box tells you.
  • Balsamic vinegar + extra virgin olive oil + and a fresh loaf of French bread = who needs to eat regular meals?
  • Cleaning a litter box creates a magical invisible neon sign that calls the cats to immediately defile your work.
  • Football pools can crush your love of sport.  It also makes you hate teams you don’t think about 99% of the year.
  • A little over a week from now I won’t have a new Breaking Bad to look forward to.  Thankfully this struggle is not for me endure alone.
  • To help fill the Breaking Bad hole, the NHL is back a week from Tuesday.  I didn’t think I was ready.  This video from last year certainly helps get me there.



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