22 Reasons Why Fall is Awesome

Beautiful neck-threateningly slippery steps.As of 4:44pm this afternoon Fall will officially begin.  In celebration of this autumnal version of the equinox, here’s a quick list of things to enjoy about Fall kicking Summer to the curb.

  1. It isn’t Winter.
  2. I can wear more long sleeve shirts, giving my arms some sense of build and definition without actually doing anything to give them build and definition.
  3. You don’t have to endure the Wall of Heat™ when you exit air conditioned stores/restaurants/bowling alleys.
  4. Turkey consumption increases 1000%.  Thus gravy consumption increases.
  5. They start putting pumpkin pie pieces in ice cream and everyone is ok with it.
  6. The metal and black objects inside your car reduce their parking lot temperatures to below branding levels.
  7. Sports. Baseball gets to the playoffs, football hits it’s stride, and hockey begins.  (Mental note, stock up on remote batteries.)
  8. My “dirty feet” sandal tan lines finally start to fade.
  9. That first blast of heat when the furnace turns on is like opening an oven baking warmth cookies.
  10. Your favourite Fall TV shows return.  (Not to be confused with those shows you hate that blast commercials through your eyeballs every 2 minutes.)
  11. You can roll down the windows while driving your car.  This is a 2 month opportunity, take advantage while you can.
  12. I’ve never heard of Julyfest.  Or Marchfest.  Oktoberfest is a different story.
  13. Any other time of year you carved out a fruit or vegetable and put it in front of your house you’d be looked at strangely.
  14. Fall takes you all the way to four days before Santa shows up with awesome stuff.
  15. You can add stuffing to almost every meal and not be judged.  Yes, even breakfast.
  16. Friendly “how many blankets can YOU use on the couch” competitions begin in earnest.
  17. Women can go back to less routine leg shaving (from what I’ve heard.)
  18. Putting on a warm sweater from the dryer is like wrapping yourself in a hug from a friendly dragon.
  19. We get that hour of sleep we lost in March BACK.  It shall be celebrated through the enjoyment of sleep.
  20. Going on a ghost tour seems slightly more normal.
  21. People who love darkness get more and more everyday.
  22. It isn’t Winter.


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