Today I Learned – September 21/13

  • Every.  Single.  Time.Women will need to do something with their hands and/or fingers immediately after they apply a coat of nail polish.

  • A day of continuous rain makes for a lazy day. How can lazy days make you feel MORE tired?
  • Is there anything worse than people pretending to sing in movies?  Of course there is, but it’s still pretty annoying.
  • Eating popcorn with your tongue is a universal sign of smartness.
  • Any time you create an alcoholic apple cider drink that sells for $7.50 a bottle, you shouldn’t make it only available during the holidays. You should make it available for breakfast.
  • When I saw this video yesterday it only had about 5,000 views.  It’s over a million now.  It would be a disservice to not share BatDad.



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