Today I Learned – November 8/12 (Hair Edition)

  • It’s amazing when you remove a piece of hair caught in your mouth and it’s not 12 inches long like you thought, it’s just a tiny piece that avoided your grasp about 30 seconds too long.

  • Sometimes hair on your shirt is actually hair sticking through your shirt, the other end of which is firmly implanted in your chest.  Pull with caution.
  • Even when you think you’ve trimmed the hair around your ears properly, one shower will prove you wrong by dangling the evidence in front of you.  And your ears.
  • Any haircut that takes longer than 2 hours to complete should come with a free scalp massage.  Another reason I’m glad I’m a man.  But I’d still take a scalp massage.
  • The length of time your hair does what you actually want it to is shorter than the time it takes to finish this sentence.
  • Although scientifically unconfirmed, I am determined to prove the existence of “scout hairs.”  These are hairs women have that launch themselves around your living space, getting onto things and pieces of clothing that haven’t seen the light of day in years.  Pet hair is already known to do this.
  • I think it’s illegal to talk this much about hair and not post this video:



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