Today I Learned – November 7/12

  • I can watch Sidney Crosby’s Golden Goal at any time and I will get chills.

  • Sometimes the best place to lay down is on top of someone.  That’s fine, so long as you don’t shed all over them.
  • I only miss hockey when I think about it.  Sadly, it is happening slightly more frequently.
  • Sometimes looking at nice vacation places for long enough will satisfy the need to get the hell out of wherever you are.  I have yet to have that happen.
  • Getting your last payment notice for your car is a weird feeling.  I’m sure it’ll feel just as weird next month when it doesn’t happen, but probably only for about 1 second.  Then it’ll just feel money.
  • Working ahead pays off 50% of the time.  The other 50% of the time something changes and you end up doing 10% more work.  That’s how you give 110%.
  • People should not be allowed to have double-ovens without at least 3 children, 1 hosted dinner party a month, or 3 bake sale contributions a year.  WHO NEEDS TO COOK THAT MUCH AT THE SAME TIME?!?!
  • I would’ve cut off 37 fingers within the first 10 seconds of this video.  And now I want an apple:



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