Today I Learned – November 6/12

  • You can be a grown man and take more than five movies from the children’s section at the library and still feel like a grown man, whether you make eye contact with the 4 year old playing with the blocks or not.
  • After months of political bombardment there’s a weird uneasiness watching TV without someone growling about how bad someone is.  I guess I could turn on any judging reality show to compensate.
  • There really is nothing that makes someone’s serious point of view or discussion less serious when there are countless spelling or grammatical errors.
  • I can’t WAIT until I make a spelling or grammatical error during a serious moment.
  • I anticipate the ridiculous holograms/skating rink maps/Empire State Building Vote Countermatic/technology ways to tell us which of two people gets to be president.
  • Time for a baby/stuffed-dragon fight:

Dragon Baby from Patrick Boivin on Vimeo.



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