Today I Learned – November 5/12

  • It is a strange feeling having a conversation with a large concrete monolith for consumerism.  Maybe it’ll get me some free sunglasses.

  • Wisdom teeth may try to make their first appearance nearly 34 years after being formed, even if there isn’t any room for them.  That’s not very smart is it?
  • Watching your cashier rip two bags and then drop your new purchase on the ground will cause the words “What’s your return policy” to fall from your lips without a conscious effort.
  • The small celebration that is “exact change” can not be underestimated.
  • When your Sig-O tells you the sound of the humidifier is good because it “drowns out the sound of you breathing”, it may be time for a decongestant.
  • It just got really, REALLY dusty in here:



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