Today I Learned – November 3/12

  • November the 3rd might seem a little early for the holidays, but when you’re surrounded by it you can’t help but get in the mood…at least until you drive away.

  • It’s funny how we’ll just “wear layers” instead of wearing a coat.  A coat is a layer, and you’ll only need the one instead of four to keep warm.  If it’s for fashion though, well, layer away.
  • People have no idea that the giant white line at an intersection is where your entire car waits behind until it’s time to go.  It is not the “Back Tires Go HERE” line.
  • Buying something and finding out it’s on sale when you go to pay for it?  A winner is me.
  • If your Spidey sense goes off for “no reason” between November 1st and November 11th, stop moving.  Your poppy has just fallen off and is within 5 feet.
  • That whole “surrounded by holidays” thing?  Again, when you’re in it, you can’t escape:



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