Today I Learned – November 1/12

  • When you get stuck behind a slow driver, it’s like you become infected, and all other slow drivers pull in front of you throughout the remainder of your travels for the day.

  • The only two times you feel strange after removing either a longtime beard or mustache is the first shower and the first cup of anything hot.  Possibly both at the same time.  I have to plan my morning routine better.
  • Finding a hidden free WiFi spot is like finding a magical forbidden trampoline: You will jump on it as much as you can until someone finds out.
  • Right now people are in a room helping to control a robot car sitting 308 million kilometres away.  I’m wearing pants with mustard on them.
  • It’s a day late, but still cool:

Incredible Pumpkin Stop Motion from Auke de Vries on Vimeo.



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