Today I Learned – October 31/12 (Non-Halloween Edition)

  • After not seeing your chin for a month and half, you may forget where your jaw line ends and your neckline begins.

  • I now know what it’s like to get a yearbook from a school you only started attending in June of your final year: It’s about as useful as getting a theme park map on your way back to the car.
  • No matter how many storage/fridge containers you have, at least once a week you’ll have something that doesn’t quite fit right in any of them.
  • Walking into a bank with no lineup and getting right to a teller can make you almost forget the reason you’ve gone there in the first place.  Due to the absolute shock.
  • It’s risky to return something that’s broken after you’ve borrowed it, but if it was like that when you first got it, your confidence might help you through the questions.  If you’re really lucky, there aren’t even any questions.
  • Apparently not everyone was happy about Disney buying LucasArts…



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