Today I Learned – October 29/12 (Sandy-Free Edition)

  • Sometimes the title character is the only thing that saves a TV show from being completely unwatchable.  (See: Dexter – Season 4.)

  • I have yet to find a food that doesn’t go with sweet pickles.
  • When you’re asked by your girlfriend “Did you clean?” with a tone that sounds like she thinks you cleaned, you must answer yes within 3 seconds.  Any further delay and those free brownie points will dissolve in thin air.  Or the still unvacuumed carpet.
  • You can successfully stare down the gas needle in your car and force it to not sound the “you’re almost out of gas moron” alarm.
  • Certain purchases will make you feel more like a grown up.  Buying new sheets fits this category.  Buying Superman sheets does not.
  • It is possible to hear your girlfriend talk about something (What Not to Wear Related), make an active effort to pay attention, have the conversation end, and literally 30 seconds later have no recollection of what was discussed.  It helps to say you’re sorry in between your laughter filled attempts to remember.


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