Today I Learned – October 29/12 (All Sandy Edition)

  • Hurricane Sandy is the largest tropical cyclone in history, with winds reaching 1,000 kilometres from it’s eye.
  • The last time the New York Stock Exchange was closed due to weather was due to Hurricane Gloria back on September 27th, 1985.  The Dow Jones was around 1300 points.  Today it’s ten times as high.
  • Sandy has already made landfall in two other countries, first in the Jamaica as a Category 1, and in Cuba as a Category 2.
  • Forecast damages are set from $2 billion to $100 billion.  That’s like saying that car barreling towards us is anywhere from 2 miles to 100 inches away.
  • If there are any more named storms this year, they’ll by Tony, Valerie and William.
  • Sandy will probably become the 2nd retired “S” named storm, after Stan in 2005.
  • The track of where Sandy might go includes Niagara, right around 8pm Wednesday as either a Tropical Storm or Tropical Depression.  Sure it’s right on the edge, but to quote Lloyd Christmas “So you’re telling me there’s a chance…”



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