Today I Learned – October 27/12

  • Spirit gum get it’s name from how you feel if applied properly.  If you’re looking to use it the WRONG way, you should buy Deflated Spirit gum.

  • Going to a Halloween party is tons more fun when everyone is dressed up.  If you’re the only one dressed up, you’ve either got the wrong party, or the wrong holiday.  And no one wants an evil dentist for a Passover party.
  • Watching Dexter and eating chicken parm simultaneously involves too many similar colour, textures and cutting motions.
  • Sometimes Mother Nature makes it fine all day until you have to go outside.  Not good at Halloween.  But sometimes she does the opposite, and that’s great for the beer run at Halloween.
  • It is impossible to play Beer Pong or Flip Cup with high levels of professionalism and public decorum when you’re dressed as one of the Angry Birds.
  • If you don’t have kids, Halloween is a rare chance to play dress-up and not care.  So don’t grab a $40 costume, GO FOR IT.
  • Winning 1st prize at a costume contest in a room of strangers either means you’ve done alright with your get-up or you’ve handed out copious amounts of candy meth.
  • Who would’ve thought chemical suits were hot?  Almost as hot as dead Alice here.



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