Today I Learned – October 24/12

  • There are still buildings that hold information in books that you are allowed to walk out with for FREE.  Liiiii—berries?

  • 140 degrees is a good temperature for melting sugar.
  • Deciding to re-read a true story about people who resort to cannibalism to live may have nothing to do with Halloween.  However, the mine does work in mysterious ways.
  • Conference calls are always the most fun when people forget their speakerphone is still on.  Or that other people are actually listening.
  • If someone is telling a good enough story I will willing sit in a motionless shut-off car and listen for 10 minutes until the auto shut off finally kills the radio.  The people in the Walmart parking lot may stare while I laugh throughout.
  • 20 years ago today, I watched Mike Timlin toss a ball to Joe Carter.  I don’t remember much after that.



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