Dreamhate vs Dreamlove

There’s nothing like a great sleep to set everything up for the day.  The awesomeness that is waking up and immediately feeling ready to go.  There are more than a few things that can throw off the happy curve:  Not enough sleep, waking up over and over again through the night, trying to re-straighten your neck from the 90 degree sleep-angle it decided was a comfortable idea.  These are all physical issues, but sometimes what happens in our minds can throw off the mood for some, if not most of the day to follow.

Sometimes we dream ridiculous fantasies, people and places we’ve never seen or been. When we wake up from these dreams we might remember them for a while, but after getting out of bed we tend to leave those memories behind.  The same can not be said when we have a dream that involves someone we know.  It could be a co-worker, it could be someone we’ve spent time with recently, sometimes it’s someone we haven’t thought about in a long time…but regardless of that, how we interact with that person in the dream can set the tone for the rest of the day.

If it’s a good thing, we can’t wait to share the dream with them. “I dreamt we were at the zoo and we broke into the elephant cages and rode them and it was awesome!  You did a handstand!”  If the person was a casual observer in the dream, you’re kind of neutral on your feelings, but may still share the information anyways. “We were at a meeting, Todd was there, John and Susan were there, you were there, and the boss said something stupid…”  But hell hath no fury when a person screws you over in a dream…

…I’ve felt it.  A good friend of mine showed up in a dream, and totally took my stuff.  And burnt it.  And smiled and walked away.  Dream analysis aside, this was not a pleasant moment in my dream.  If I had continued to dream, I’m sure things would have been fine.  But seeing as I woke up shortly after this event…I was mad.  Actually, measurably MAD at this person.  Even though I knew why I was mad, and why that it itself was stupid…there it was.  And it stayed with me for a while…through the next hour at least.  Not that it controlled my life, but I could tell I was a little more not at ease than usual.

From here, it depends on your situation…do you interact with this person regularly?  Do you talk on the phone or see them at work?  If you don’t chat with them in the first few hours, you’re usually ok.  But if they screwed you in that dream, and you bump into them or talk shortly there after, out comes the “rage.”

“Do you know what you did to me?  I was in the boat, and you grabbed the oars and pushed the boat away from the dock and laughed at me.  You LAUGHED at me!!!  WHY DID YOU DO THAT?!?!!”

Of course it’s all said with a slight tone of anger and a large tone of humour, and after the conversation things are always fine (depending on the answer, hearing “Because you’re a dick” afterwards probably won’t help the situation.) That goes well for the Dreamhate.  But that crazy, weird, “where did THAT come from” Dreamlove that happens…is that story ever shared?

That dream where for whatever reason, one thing leads to another, and you wake up and think “What the hell was that about?”  Maybe you liked it, maybe it was weird, maybe you really liked it…but how do you go forward with that?  Honestly, who can you tell?  Depending on who it was, you could be sharing the story without giving it a second thought.  But what if it’s someone a little too close?  Or someone that you “shouldn’t” have that dream about?  Or heaven forbid, it was someone you interact with on a frequent, possibly daily basis?  Regardless on how you felt about what happened, there would only be ONE reason to share that information with the person involved…if you liked it, and you’re looking for a response.  That’s it.  NO ONE has ever started a relationship with “I had a dream about you…insert graphic details…let’s hook up.”  At least, not to my knowledge.  People may have hinted at it, or alluded to it, but unless the spark is already there, that story should never see the light of day in front of them.  Dreamlove is for you and you alone.  For you and the other person’s sake, try to keep it that way.

So there’s the comparison: Dreamhate vs Dreamlove.  If it’s something you hated, you hope to bury it and never speak of it again.  If it’s something you enjoyed, well, good luck figuring out what you ate and when you slept in what position for how long, and good luck bringing it back.  And honestly, if someone had figured that out, would they not be FILTHY RICH by now?  GET ON IT SCIENTISTS!!! relationship relationships



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